How one can Make Yarn Pom Poms (Step-by-Step)

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diy yarn pom poms

Yarn pom poms are tremendous enjoyable to make. That is a simple undertaking for teenagers, teenagers, and even adults and you need to use these so as to add so as to add that additional whoomph to your clothes!

yarn pom poms

Who doesn’t love pom poms? They’re little fluffs of enjoyable, sass, and coloration that may brighten up absolutely anything. Whether or not you need one to sit down atop your beanie or to make use of in yarn projects, pom poms are my go-to craft merchandise.

hat with pom pom

Did you understand how straightforward they’re to make and the way cheap? I used to purchase a packet of varied pom poms off Amazon, however that was earlier than I noticed how incredulously straightforward they’re to make.

Should you put aside an hour or two, you can also make dozens of them and retailer them to make use of afterward in several DIY projects

headband with pom pom

Whenever you make them, you get to customise them, as effectively. You’ll be able to experiment with measurement, coloration, form, and even how fluffy you need them to be!

bag with pom pom

Provides and Instruments You’ll Want

Lots of people simply put money into a pom pom maker, however you may simply as simply make one with plain outdated cardboard. Simply check out the provides you’ll want, and you may get began:

  1. Piece of cardboard
  2. Shaker lid
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors
  5. Knitting yarn
  6. Coin

yarn and craft supplies
Watch: DIY Yarn Pom Poms (Step-by-Step)

How one can Make Yarn Pom Poms

When you’ve gathered all of your provides, you may get began on making your pom poms.

Step 1

First, place a lid, or bowl, or absolutely anything you might have for measurement over a cardboard sheet. Seize your pencil and draw an overview of that. You will want to attract two outlines, so repeat that step as soon as extra.

tracing circle

Step 2

Subsequent, take a coin and place it in the course of the circle define you drew and draw an overview of the coin, as effectively. However this time, simply draw one define inside one circle.

tracing coin

Step 3

Seize a pair of scissors and lower the 2 outlines.

cutting out cardboard circle

For the one you see under, simply lower a line throughout the center to the inside circle after which lower it out. Alternatively, you need to use a craft knife to do the identical.

cutting out circle
cardboard pom pom templates

Step 4

Align the 2 cutouts with the donut gap circle disk on prime. Now, use a pencil to attract an overview of the inside circle gap onto the circle cutout beneath.

tracing circle
circle templates

Go forward and lower out that inside circle for the second piece, too!

cardboard circles

And, whilst you’re at it, align each the disks and lower a little bit of cardboard off the incision you made earlier. This could offer you an entrance of kinds, which you’ll must wrap your yarn round later.

The disks ought to look one thing like this whenever you’re executed.

carboard templates
cardboard templates

Step 5

Take a strand of your yarn and pull it by way of the maintain contained in the disk, with the tip going through out excessive.

wrapping yarn
pulling yarn through circle

Now start wrapping the yarn across the prime of the disk, proper above the outlet.

wrapping yarn
wrapping yarn

Alternatively, if you wish to mix one other coloration, seize two strands of yarn, one among every coloration you want, and wrap it across the disk.

adding two yarn colors
wrapping yarn

Maintain wrapping the yarn again and again and make your approach across the disk.

wrapping yarn

Whenever you’re executed wrapping the yarn, simply snip off the ends.

cutting yarn

Step 6

Don’t put away these scissors simply but; you’ll want them to chop by way of the yarn.

You’ll discover that there’s a slit between the 2 disks. Reduce alongside that slit from the doorway of the disk and work your approach round. Simply keep in mind to carry on to the yarn as you chop it, or it can slip by way of the outlet within the middle.

cutting yarn

Whenever you’re executed, your yarn-covered disk ought to look one thing like this.

cut yarn pom pom

Step 7

Reduce a little bit of yarn—about eight to 10 inches lengthy. Slide it between the 2 disks and pull it out by way of the doorway on both facet.

tying yarn around
wrapping yarn around

Now, simply knot the ends collectively twice proper on the base of the yarn within the disk and tighten it, so it secures it.

tying knot
tying yarn

Step 8

Slide the pom pom out by way of the doorway. Whereas it already appears fairly superb, you continue to must fluff it out somewhat and trim out the perimeters.

yarn pom pom

Seize a pair of scissors and trim the pom pom evenly. That’s just about it, your pom pom is all executed!

trimming pom pom

How Do You Make Yarn Pom Poms Fluffy?

The extra yarn you wrap across the disk, the thicker and fluffier your pom poms will end up. However you don’t need to cease there. You can too run a grooming brush by way of the strands to fluff it out.

You’ll have a extremely massive and fuzzy pom pom when your brush it out that approach!

yarn pom poms

The place Can You Use These Pom Poms?

Pom poms can be utilized in a mess of initiatives. Here’s a checklist of the place you can also make use of those pom poms:

  • As ornaments to embellish your Christmas tree
  • String a couple of pom poms right into a garland and grasp it up
  • Atop your hat or beanie
  • To equipment luggage, scarves, and headbands
  • To jazz up reward bins or goodie luggage
  • In craft initiatives to make a pom pom mat or rug
  • Pom Pom wreaths and extra.

purple pom pom

Different Crafts You May Like

Prep Time
5 minutes

Lively Time

Complete Time
20 minutes


Estimated Price


  • Piece of cardboard
  • Knitting yarn


  • Shaker lid (or a glass or a small bowl)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Coin


  1. Collect all of your provides to start.
  2. Take a bit of cardboard and use a lid or a glass bowl to hint two circles on the cardboard sheet.
  3. Place a coin within the middle of the one circle and hint the define of that, as effectively. Seize a pair of scissors and lower out the 2 disks.
  4. Now, make an incision proper down the center of the disc with the inside circle and lower a gap across the inside define.
  5. Align the 2 disks with the donut gap disk on prime and draw an overview of the inside circle onto the disk on the backside.
  6. As soon as once more, lower a gap across the inside define of the second disk, as effectively.
  7. Subsequent, widen the incision to make an entrance of kinds for each disks.
  8. Seize a strand of yarn. You should utilize two strands if you would like a two-colored pom pom. Holding each disks collectively, pull the yarn by way of the maintain within the center and begin wrapping it across the complete disk.
  9. Work your approach alongside the complete disk and snip off the ends whenever you’re pleased with the thickness of the yarn.
  10. Subsequent, insert your scissors between the 2 disks and lower round it, chopping by way of the yarn within the course of. Bear in mind to carry the yarn in place as you chop it or it can fall by way of the outlet.
  11. Subsequent, lower a little bit of yarn, about 8-10 inches lengthy, and pull it between the 2 disks, bringing it out on both facet of the doorway. Now, make two knots to safe the yarn in place.
  12. Slide the yarn off the disks and trim the perimeters to even them out. Your yars ought to appear like a spherical fluffy ball.

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